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Vietnam Visa for Hong Kong resident?

Hi, I was filling out the online visa application form and when I picked Hong Kong under nationality, it says “Flying from other countries, NOT from China, HongKong, Macau”, could you please advise what that means? If I am a Hong Kong passport holder and will be traveling from Hong Kong, would the application still work? Thanks.


Dear Angel,

Thank you for your email.

This is to inform you that in the past, Hong Kong passport holders flying to Vietnam from China mainland, Hong Kong and Macau might be asked to have a visa stamped on their passports prior to their departure and they might not be allowed to board their flight to Vietnam using visa on arrival.

However, we have been recently informed by our Chinese customers that now Chinese immigration policy has changed, with the letter of approval from the Vietnamese Inbound, China border authorities agree to the Chinese citizens flew to Vietnam’s three international airports (including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang). Please click here for further information. Our Chinese customers have been used visa on arrival to travel from China to Vietnam since then.

It is strongly advised that you should check with your airline again to know for sure whether you will be able to fly to Vietnam using visa on arrival. If yes, we are willing to support you to get Vietnam visa on arrival.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,
Vietnam Visa Pro