Common mistakes when apply Vietnam visa

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If you are planning to visit Vietnam, you can find the useful information to avoid some common mistakes foreigners often make.

Common mistakes when apply Vietnam visa

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1. Misunderstand about the way to obtain to Vietnam visa

As you have known, there are three main way to get Vietnam visa, applying at Vietnam Embassy, applying Visa on arrival and applying e-visa. Once you decide to use one way, you have to follow its procedure. Some people made mistake about this principle, they applied Vietnam visa on arrival through travel agency’s website, they should have gone to Vietnam Checking Point at Vietnam airport to pick up visa stamp; but they went to Embassy instead. There is a hiccup here and you should note to avoid this blending.

2. Passport’s condition

You are busy man, you might be forgot to check your passport validity and its blank. 6 month validity and 2 blanked left page are international requirement; therefore, do not miss to check your passport before your trip to Vietnam otherwise you will face the stuck at airports with an expired passport.

3. Notice the period between each entry if your country is in Vietnam exemption list

Basing on my Denmark friend’s situation in the past, I want to add 1 mistake here for you to bear in mind. My friend used his free visa for 1 entry to discover Vietnam, 15 days free visa was fine until he decided to go to Cambodia and then come back Vietnam to pick up his flight to Denmark. He thought he could use his free visa again, but in fact, to enjoy his exemption, the period between 2 entry must be 30 days and then my poor friend got stuck at Cambodian 🙁

4. Misunderstand about visa on arrival of Vietnam

You travelled a lot and you thought visa on arrival means that you can do all at airport but in Vietnam, it is quite different a little bit. It requires to apply the pre-approval letter before your trip. With this letter, you are allowed to be board the flight as well as do visa stamp procedure at Vietnam international airports. You should note this special point.

5. Mistype in visa application form

Many applicants provide their details wrong and it leads to many obstacles during their entry. Your name have to be provided fully and all other information have to be exactly as your passport. Do not forget to check both information before submission and the result when you get back.