How can I get Visa TT in Vietnam for my family members?

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I would like to tell my experience about Visa TT in Vietnam for my lovely wife and son. I think this blog post would help someone out there who wants to bring their family along to Vietnam within 1 year would have an appropriate visa option.

Vietnam Temporary Residence Card

Sample Vietnam Temporary Residence Card

I’m a French named Louis. I have worked for a firm in Vietnam since 2018 while my family members still lived in France at that time. They had come here to visit me many times by using tourist visa service from Eviva – a trustworthy travel company. But after that, I thought about bringing both my wife and children to Vietnam for a year or more, since my son was young (6 years old), so I wanted them to be near me so I could easily take care of them.

First I thought about getting them Temporary Residence Card (TRC) which valid for 3 years like me. Then, I decided to ask Eviva for a piece of advice about the best visa options. When I came there, the staff advised me that my wife did not work in my company, therefore, the most suitable one now would be Visa TT, for the reason that the condition to have a TRC without a guarantee company is to have a visa TT. And the staff also told me that they would support me in the process and submit to the Embassy in Vietnam if I had a demand. And later after discussing it with Jess – my spouse’s name, I agreed, as preparing documents was already time-consuming.

The preparation process required both me and my wife to involve in. For my part, I just needed a copy of TRC and my valid passport. I also prepared a copy of my son’s Birth Certificate and my Marriage Certificate to prove our blood relationship. In addition, Eviva dealt with NA3 form for me – Application for Sponsoring a Visa Applicant. If you want to download and fill NA3 form yourself, you can go to the Immigration Department’s official website:

In respect of my family members, they had to get the Approval Letter in addition to copies of the Certificate of Birth and Marriage Certificate like me. I, as well as my wife, feel this was a pretty intricacy step. To get the AP, the company I am working with has to guarantee as well as support them. I presented to my boss about our AP problem and the paper I needed, and luckily he agreed right away. Only about 3 or 4 days later, my boss sent me copies of the Business Registration Certificate of legal entity of organization. Eviva helped my family filling NA8, NA16, NA6 forms and then send back to my company to seal and fill out. After having all the documents related to AP, I brought to Eviva so that they submitted to the Immigration Department in 2 or 3 days. They also told me to tell my wife and my children to get APs right at Noi Bai International Airport, they should depart to Vietnam no later than 2 days from now.

My family was happily reunited in Vietnam. So we have finished preparing the application, I just needed to bring both the original and copy to Eviva to help me submit to The Immigration Department – Ministry of Public Security. I remember that we applied at the beginning of the week and 5 days later (Friday) we received the results. When you arrive, make sure you bring enough ID card/passport for them to check and collate. After we got our Visa TT, I asked them to help my son and Jess do TRC, because my wife already has a Visa TT, they don’t need a company to guarantee (as I said before), so they just needed to prepare this documents, then brought to Eviva and wait:

  • 02 photos size 2cm x 3cm
  • Dispatch and application for issuance of temporary resident card (NA16)
  • Application form for issuance of temporary resident card for foreigners (NA8)

NOTE: Eviva helped us with NA16 and NA8, so don’t worry if you don’t have time

  • Foreigner’s passport
  • Foreigner’s Certificate of issuance of temporary residence is confirmed by ward/village police where the foreigner is living. (it just takes 2-3 days to process, and normally it’s free)

The processing time of TRC also took us 5 days to get the final result. When we came Eviva Tour to get our TRC, we were asked to pay an affordable fee.

I would say the whole process is not easy and a bit tough/confused. The total time to prepare all things needed can be up to 1 month or more. So please pay attention to prepare in advance to avoid messing and affecting your schedule. In case you are too confused about the procedure, papers needed, etc,.. you can contact a reputable travel company in Vietnam like Eviva.

by Louis