What travelers should do during pandemic period before exploring Vietnam?

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All overseas travel is not advisable during this Corona season. In order to update information about Immigration Changes of Vietnam due to the impact of Sar-CoV-2, you can read more here.

So what should the “believers” who love traveling and exploring Vietnam do at this moment?

Here is some practical suggestions for you:

1. Wash your hands and disinfect regularly

First and foremost, wash your hands frequently with soap that has at least 60% alcohol as often as you can, or prepare small, portable hand sanitizer bottles that you can take with you when you go out.

Wash your hands

Wash your hands

2. Eat well, increase your resistance

To prevent Coronavirus, the first thing we need to do is to eat enough nutrients to increase resistance to fight not only this virus but also many other diseases.

Make yourself and your family a scientific menu and full of nutrients, especially vitamin supplements!

Eat well, increase your resistance

Eat well, increase your resistance

3. Minimize the travelling in crowded places

Right now, a risk with the number of Corona infections rising rapidly in Vietnam in just the past few days, it is enough for us to realize that this virus is highly contagious. So limit yourself to crowded places, contact with many strangers. Please use a mask when you have to go outside for work or to buy necessities.

Limiting travel, contact crowded places

4. Make available visas to prepare for travel when the pandemic is over

-With summer fast approaching, this is a golden time for us to get insight about visas. There are 3 ways to get Vietnam visa that you might to know:

a. Apply in person at the Vietnam embassy/consulate in foreign countries.

-The Vietnam embassy visa is the most traditional approach to organize the entry visa in advance for travel to Vietnam. You need to get in touch with the nearest Vietnamese embassy in order to submit the application which is possible to do in person.

-Unfortunately, the visa fees, procedures, and processing time can vary quite a lot with the different embassies; so it is worth getting in touch with them before traveling to get an idea of the latest visa rules and restrictions.

b. Apply for an e-visa through the Vietnamese Immigration Department.

-The second Vietnam application method is the e-visa which was only officially launched in February 2017. This is a further Vietnam visa that can be applied for online, however; it only allows applicants to stay within Vietnam with one single entry for no more than 30 days for 80 nationalities, NOT for all and takes 3-5 days to complete, no express service is available.

PLease note that the one and only website of the Vietnam Immigration Department which can help you to obtain e-visa is

c. Apply Vietnam visa on arrival through a travel agency

-The third way is a very convenient option and appreciated for its fast processing with low cost. You only need to complete the online application form with the relevant information and make sure it is completely without any mistakes via website , then you will get an approval letter for check-in at the departure airport and get the verified visa stamp at an international airport in Vietnam at arrival.

– The price is low and the processing time is only 2 working days or you can use express service to get a visa approval letter within 4 or 8 working hours.

Vietnam visa approval letter

Vietnam visa approval letter

-The best thing is you can use fast track service and car service to avoid wasting precious time waiting in Vietnam airport. There will be a staff at the counter, who will take you to an immigration priority queue, get a visa stamp and assist you to pick up your luggage.

Arrival Airport service

Arrival Fast Track Service

The disease will be over soon, please seize this opportunity and we will carry our luggage again to explore the world.