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Question: Apply Vietnam visa application for Bahraini citizens?

Dear sir ,

I’m a Bahraini national living in bahrain wishing to visit Vietnam for tourism.
How can I apply online ? As we do not have Vietnam  embassy here in Bahrain and would like to avoid sending my passport to other country. Thank you

Best Regards,

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Question: Chinese passport is free of visa to go to Phu Quoc Island?

Dear sir&madam

I want to confirm whether the Chinese passport is free of visa to go to Phu Quoc Island? We only stay in Phu Quoc island for 4days holiday.

Thanks very much

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Question: How to proceed in getting a visa for Kosovo citizen?

My name is Tringa and I am a citizen of Kosovo with a normal passport. I am interested in visiting Vietnam in July this year, but I need a visa. Since there isn’t an embassy in Kosovo, can you please advice me on how to proceed in getting a visa?

Thank you,


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Question: Apply Vietnam visa for Thailand?

To whom it may concern I would like to know if I can use approval letter which I already applied online? As I hold Thai temporary passport and came back to Thailand on the 4th and suppose to get back on the 8th May. But at the airline said I must get stamping for Vietnam visa before leaving Thailand. I will go to apply urgent process (4 hours working) because I have a meeting on Tuesday in ho chi king city. Please advice which possible way to use temporary passport and get visa stamp.

Thanks and best regard


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Question: Apply Vietnam Visa on arrival by cruiseship

I am a resident of Canada, traveling with a Swiss passport. I will be on a cruise ship in April with 4 one day stops in Vietnam. I was told by the cruise company, that Canadian, US and EU passport holders can get a Vietnam visa on the ship at arrival. What about the Swiss passport, is it the same or do I need a visa in advance?

Georg Friedrich

Question: Obtaining a visa when flying from China ?

Hi, I\’m an American citizen working in China, and I need a visa for a conference I will be attending in Vietnam later this year. Since I will be flying from China to Vietnam, will you be able to process my application? If so, what special procedures will be necessary? Thanks in advance for your help.
David Zaslavsky

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Question: Why Hong Kong citizen cannot fly from Hong Kong?

Hi, i am going to apply the Vietnam visa via your website. I am a Hong Kong citizen and I go to Vietnam from Hong Kong. What should I choose for the nationality part? I found that the Nationality for Hong Kong is “Hong Kong (flying from other countries, NOT from Hong Kong)”. What is that mean? Hong Kong citizen cannot fly from Hong Kong?! please help…

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Question: Vietnam visa fee inquiry?

Good evening madam/sir. I want to inquire about the fee of tourist visa (DL), for 3 months aingle entry (philippine passport holder). $45 visa fee at the airport. Aside from the processing fee indicated in your website for the visa arrival letter is there additional fee?

Thank you. And do you also process DN visa type, how much and what are the requirements? Thank you

Respectfully yours,

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Question: Enquiry on Vietnam business visa ?

Dear Sir/ Madam

Good evening

Kindly please advise me on the business visa for Indian passport holder.

Im living in Singapore and working here as Singapore Permanent Resident.

If I need to get business visa can I apply online via your website? How much the cost will be and how fast I can get it.

Can I get on arrival visa as well?

Please advice

Thanking you

Raj Ganesh

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Question: Application for Vietnam visa in Australia with PNG passport?

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have bought my return airline ticket to Ho Chi Minh City for 16 Mar 2014 to play golf with some friends. I have a Papua New Guinea passport as attached. Can I apply for a visa through your consulate or the Vietnam Embassy ? Presently I am in Lae, P.N.G. and will be in Sydney on 4 April. I will fly from Sydmey to Singapore, then to Vietnam.

Damian Chow

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