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Question: Applying for long term visit pass?


I am a Singaporean and do not need VISA to enter Vietnam, however I would like to check with you if your side provide “Long term visit pass”?

My wife is a Vietnamese and I am going to Ho Chinh Minh to stay with her for a period of few months, therefore now seeking the procedure for long term stay in HCM.

Please advise. Thanks

Best Regards

Matthew Tan

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Question: About Vietnam Immigration form?

Hi. Can I use entry and exit form your website, means not original from on booth at airport? One more, do I need enter date exactly ? For example, if I plan to go March Ist, but I will enter few days late or early. Is it OK?
Seok Lee

In General questions | Asked by | April 19, 2019

Question: How to get Vietnam visa for Chinese?


We have 1 client. He hold China passport. The color of passport is green. He stayed in Hongkong and now he visited his sister in Bandung city, in Indonesia. My question is : Is he need a visa? I”ve check your web site, that he needs visa. Can he make a electronic visa? Or he must apply visa by his self, or can travel agent help him? And what is the require for applying visa?

Thank you,

Jang Wu

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Question: I’m Myanmar. Do I Need visa to enter Hanoi?

Dear Vietnam Visa.

Hi I am holding Myanmar passport and I m going to Hanoi for attend my fri is weeding on 25th feb and I will arrived Hanoi at 23feb so my question is do I need visa to go Hanoi and I will only stay like 5 days approximately !

Best regards,


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Question: Do I need Vietnam visa for 14h stay?

Dear Sir, Madam

I have a 14h transit in Saigon on my way back to Australia from France. I would like to go in an hotel near airport to sleep.

Do I need a visa for that?

Thank you.

Frederic Behot

In General questions | Asked by | April 16, 2019

Question: Package Visa?

I am applying a Vietnam Visa upon on arrival.

1. Does the VOA visa also valid for the package visa of Cambodia and China? Or do I have to apply a separate visa for Cambodia and China whether I have Vietnam Arrival visa?

2. Does the arrival Visa only valid through airport, not any by the border? as We will be backpacking to Vietnam from Thailand and Cambodia. let me know asap!

In General questions, Visa on arrival | Asked by | April 12, 2019

Question: Volunteer work visa and tourist visa?

My husband and I are volunteers for Habitat for Humanity in Vietnam in March. We have a visa approval number for our volunteer work dated from 18th March – 16th April. However we now arrive in Vietnam as tourists on 10th March. Is it ok to get tourist visas from 10th March – 17th March only (not a 30 day visa) as we have been told the visa dates must not cross over. We leave Vietnam 4th April. Thank you for your advice.

Janet McDermid

In General questions | Asked by | April 10, 2019

Question: Amount of stamping fee in Vietnam?

In your cost section, you mentioned that the cost calculation does NOT include the stamping fee on arrival in Vietnam. Could you give me an estimate of this fee per pax. In the case that I get my vis in Sydney through the Consulte, is this fee included in the cost I pay them. Thank you very much for your assistance

In General questions, Visa on arrival | Asked by | April 6, 2019

Question: Enquiry?

Hello, I am a Chinese citizen and Canadian resident living in Canada. I plan to visit Vietnam for holiday and will fly to Hanoi from Singapore. I heard that Chinese passport holders are NOT eligible to apply for visa on arrival, which means that I need to get the regular visa from the Vietnamese Embassy before I travel. Can you confirm if it’s true?

Many thanks.


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Question: How to apply for long stay visa for Vietnam?

Dear Sir or Madam, My name is Perez Arriaran, Danish passport holder. I would like to know how to apply for long stay visa for one year with multi entries. I have been travelling to Vietnam 3 times a year since 1998 but I can stay maximum 15 days with my visa exemption. Now I would like to stay in Vietnam longer to find a chance to establish my firm here. Please let me know if it is possible to have long term visavietnam granted. I look forward to getting your reply soon.

Sincerely yours Perez Arriaran.

In General questions | Asked by | April 3, 2019